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Kids' Fest

The Best of the Best!!

How do you get kids and their families to come to your church? Circus performers? Spectacular illusions? Prizes? Contests? Great music? What about Audience involvement? Or how about all the above? That's right! You can have it all! Ned and Joan's Kids' Fest has everything you need to put on one of your biggest outreaches ever. Framed against a 35' X 15' high circus tent backdrop, Kids' Fest brings you the best of the best.

What do we mean by "The Best of the Best"? Ned and Joan have been in Children's ministry for over 20 years! They travel from coast to coast, including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and even abroad. They will be presenting the biggest and best their ministry has to offer. Their best illusions, best juggling and so on. Not to mention some radical games.

This is a full evening of unsurpassed, "Nothing-Like-It-Before" outreach!

Their featured performer in Kids' Fest is Marc Daniels, a fantastic juggler (The best of the best). Teaming up with Ned and Joan, their team juggling is unparalleled to anything seen in any church across America! Just check out the photo just down a little. Take a look at the spectacular backdrop too.

What an outreach!

Ned and Joan are professional illusionists and jugglers. They have an outstanding background. They've performed for Ringling Brother's/Barnum and Bailey Circus, Disneyland, Disney World, Sea World and other notable places. They have also been featured performers with Kid's Gig a part of the Billy Graham Crusade.

The most important part of any kids' outreach is having the ability to bring in the crowds. Kids' Fest will do just that. Just mention circus performers, contests, and prizes and watch the crowds gather. Simply follow our free booklet called "10 Tips On Making Your Next Outreach A Huge Success" and watch it happen!

Kids' Fest will be an impressive outreach to your community

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