Some of you might know, Joan and I tried twelve long years to have our own children. Without any success. We did it all; laser surgery; in vitro; you name it, we tried it. After several years of aggressive trying, the doctor told us our final attempt at in vitro surgery failed, Joan was in tears. I told her God must have another plan for us. But for right now, since all our finances and resources were used up, we just need to take some time and recoup our losses.

About that time, friends of ours who were involved in a prison ministry to moms, told us of a baby that was coming up for adoption. We jumped into action. We were very excited and hired a lawyer. As our hopes grew, we received information that the mom decided to keep her child. The roller coaster ride continued. I told Joan, God must have a child better suited for us and his or her own needs. She looked up at me with teary eyes and said, “Well, where’s he going to come from, the sky?” I said, “If God wants to, then, yes.” (God’s mighty man of faith, “Yes, he’ll come from the sky!” I immediately realize this was probably the most unintelligent thing I could say it moment, but nothing else came to mind.

Weeks had gone by. You know, the kind of weeks that seemed like months. We then got a call from our senior pastor saying he knew of a baby available in west Kentucky and would we be interested. We naturally said, “of course we are”. I myself thinking we are now on the upswing of the fabled adoption roller coaster.

The day the baby was born, our then pastor; Joan, and a few others took his private plane and flew out to west Kentucky. Joan brought the baby home. He literally came down “out of the sky.”

I could stop there, but you might miss the best part. At age 3, our son William, realized he didn’t like being an only child. He started praying for a baby sister. For three long years he prayed for a baby sister. He was now six. After watching episodes of the Animal
Planet, he decided he wanted a baby sister so small, that her eyes were still close. Well, Joan and I were planning to adopt again, but for financial reasons we were going through the state. The chances of getting an infant were next to none. We probably had a better chance of getting struck by lightning at the same time while both in different places. Although we would prefer, an infant, were hoping for a girl around 3 to 5 years old. But our son prayed on. He had the faith of a child. And why not? He was one.

After several touch and go situations, we did get a call from the state. They knew we were looking for a girl. A girl was born 3 ½ months early in at the Norton Hospital preemie care. She was born 1 pound, 6 ounces. She was now 3 pounds and her survival rate was good. The problem was, premature babies can have all sorts of medical issues. From their eyes to their lungs, you name it, it can happen.

Needless to say, we felt she was the one. We started the paperwork and when she was 5 pounds the hospital released her to us. Along with monitors, oxygen tubes and a lot of other paraphernalia she needed to stay alive. She had to be fed every two hours even all through the night. After a few months of wanting to be fed, we realize she had no issue with her lungs. Oh by the way, did I mention… When we brought her home, she was so small, her eyes were still close.

Only the faith of a child. To say adoption is a roller coaster ride is like saying Hurricane Katrina was a slight inconvenience. I write this article as an encouragement to others, maybe even you. Our son recently graduated high school in our daughter is now thirteen. We could not have produced to better children if we were to have them on our own. Your issue may not be having children. But there may be a Goliath (a giant, a huge obstacle) in your life that you have yet to overcome. Let me just tell you, God is a good God! There is a lot more to this story that I could not even begin to put down in the short column. What the purpose of this is to tell you God still works miracles. If you believe for God to do something great in your life, don’t give up. God is patient. Form prayer circles, keep the faith and fight a good fight. You’ll be glad you did.