This is a letter I wrote 35+ years ago. I was working in a theme Park in Florida called Circus World. I put in my notice to leave, and would soon be heading for the ministry full time. I kept wondering if I had really been a good witness to my friends whom I worked with. This is why I wrote this letter.  This is fiction and there are things I would change, but I decided to leave it in original form. I was not a theologian, but someone who is eager to learn more about God’s Word and what the calling God had in his life.

Dear Friend,

How could it have ended all so soon?  Who would have thought it would be like this?  The end is worse than I imagined and I must share the blame. I find it so hard to believe how I used you in such a selfish way. I longed for your compassion and friendship.  We went out, we laughed, we joked, we sang.  But I never really tried to tell you where you stood. I didn’t want you mad, I didn’t want you to think I was different. Your acceptance was more important at the time.

But now, I am here, and you are there.  I never thought the Great Day of Judgment would come so quick.  Like a thief in the night, I wasn’t aware. Like a rainbow in the darkest of nightly hours, who would have thought it would be there. But now, the summer has ended the harvest has past; I have reaped what I have sowed. Why did I live like this would never come to pass? I knew it would. I lived always saying, “There’s plenty of time.”  Well, tomorrow is gone, and I left you my friend behind.

There’s a new world starting, old things have past away. Time to put these memories to rest.  A new Heaven and a new Earth.  It’s all for the best. Time to say, “Good-bye,” my old friend.  I’d like to say, “I’ll see you again.”  Only I know that will never be.  I guess you had your chance like everyone else.  I was just too difficult for you to see. Although I can’t stop wondering what it would be like if we had done a little less joking, and talked more about the Light. I wanted to tell you, I wanted to share but you seemed so happy in your own little world, I couldn’t cause you any disappear.

I remember a vision, of an angle clothed in a cloud with a rainbow on his head.  He had one foot on the sea and one foot on the land. His feet were pillars of fire, with a book in his hand. And in my vision, he said to a man, Take this and eat it, and I will be sweet in your mouth and make your belly bitter. I often wounded now one little book could go to both extremes. But I see it all the clearly, I know of such a book. It speaks of great love and great truth. The love it speaks of is oh so sweet. But the truth makes my belly bitter, when I think of the wrath upon those who’ve turn their head.

I had to write my feelings out. Although I know this letter, you’ll never receive. I had my chance to talk to you then, but I thought too much of me and so little of you. I thought I really loved you, as one friend should love another.  I see now this wasn’t true, or I would have sat you down, and told you what to do. I remember your smiling face and all the times we laughed. If we just had a little more time, I would use it to the fullest.  But now, eternity has started, and I hear my Master’s voice.  These memories of you must be blocked out forever, and probably just as well. We each chose our paths, and chose them we did.  You have my sympathy my dear friend.  You see, from this point on that’s all I can do.  That’s all I can give.

 Good-bye forever, my good friend, good-bye.