Available Workshops From Ned and Joan

1) Tips On Making Your Next Outreach a Huge Success! (Ministry Skills)
This is based on their “Free Report” booklet, but goes into more detail. Having both hosted and ministered crusades for over 20 years, Ned and Joan will give you valuable tips on having the most successful outreach ever!! They will cover booking, promotion, follow-up, and prayer. If your church has or is thinking about having an outreach event this workshop is a must! Each participant will receive a Free Report Booklet!

2) Teaching Kids To Find Their Purpose (Advanced)
God says he will give you the desires of you heart. So why are most adults miserable at their job? Because they never discovered their God given gifts and talents. Most young people entering college have no clue why they are going or what they want to be. God has filled each child with gifts, dreams and abilities. As an example, Ned new when he was 9 yrs. old he wanted to be a juggler and illusionist and at 14yrs. old God called him into the ministry. Ned has spent many years teaching children to discover their gifting and talents. By discovering these key points at an early age, kids will have a better shot at knowing God’s will in their life. This interactive workshop will give to the tools you need to help prepare your kids for tomorrow!

3) Gospel Tricks 101 (Performing Arts)
You won’t fall asleep in this class! Ned gets right into this workshop with tricks you can make yourself; using rope, scarves, paper, newspaper, and other easy to find items. You will walk away with many great visuals you can present right away. Great for driving home a point, Ned will also cover presentation and correct use of scripture! This is hands and a lot of fun!

4) What / Me Juggle? (Performing Arts)
Yes You!! Get ready for some fun! Hands on training! You will learn to juggle in as little as five minutes. Includes scarf juggling and beginning ball. We supply all! You will also learn how to present the gospel with your newly acquired skill. Also how to get your Kids involved. Yes, a juggling team in your church.

5) I Hate Kids (Ministry Skills)
Ned has the heart of a child. In fact, many say it’s in a jar on top of his desk! Whether that’s true or not, you’ll enjoy this off beat workshop aimed for those struggling in kids ministry or for those just looking for some fresh new crazy ideas! Topics include: making it fun, for both you and the kids, discipline, encouragement and much more. Don’t miss this one!

6) Who Else Wants To Have Their Kids Involved In Ministry? (Advanced Children’s Ministries)
This powerful workshop will show you different to ways to get kids involved in ministry. Real growth comes when kids see that they can be used by God. Here and now! Learn some of these powerful techniques and bring them home to your kids church.

7) Taking Your Ministry On The Road (Advanced Ministry Skills)
If you plan on going on the road, full or part time; learn some of these techniques that Ned and Joan have applied in their ministry. They have traveled for over 20 years. Some points they will cover are: setting your goals, promo, pursuit of excellence, booking, and questions & answer time. This will be a very informative and helpful workshop!

Kids Juggling